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Artistic Bauhinia Gold

Artistic Bauhinia Gold is an ART x GOLD collection
comprising physical gold and painting, “Bauhinia”, by Hengjin Aixinjuelu

Advantages of AB Gold:

· Exchange traded with open and transparent pricing information

· Economical and straightforward with physical delivery optional

· Diversified payment means

· Extraordinary return potential from ART X GOLD

· Hong Kong stored gold with minimal impact from geopolitical risks

· Physical gold as a CRS non-disclosable asset class

· Fidelity, safety and reliability

· Rare and unique collection with both investment and ornamental values

Who Creates Artwork “Bauhinia”?

Bauhinia” was created by Hengjin Aixinjueluo, a well-known artist in Hong Kong and granddaughter of Puyi Aixinjueluo, the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Hengjin learnt painting from her grandfather, Puquan Aixinjueluo, a famous modern artist and received guidance from another three painting masters, Pujie Aixinjueluo, Qigong Aixinjueluo and her mother, Wenjia Aixinjueluo.


Hengjin’s artworks are characterized by their bright colors and vivid strokes, following the neat and refined style of the traditional Chinese palace painting, and also blending into the atmosphere of life, giving the palace painting a new vitality, creating “One Leaf One Bodhi, One Flower One World “. Palace painting is of great significance in the history of Chinese art. This unique artistic style can be inherited through the blood of the palace family and continue to shed its artistic value.

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